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almaty, kasakhstan

New ATC tower for Almay and ATCC

New ATC tower for Almay and Air Traffic Control Centre for Southeast Kazakhstan

Situated in-between the steppe and the nearby mountains, the new building defines the focus point of
the airport as a unique sculpture. It unifies the ATC tower and offices of the Air traffic control centre
in one continuous, twisted volume.
The site opens up invitingly as an open park towards landside leaving the car park behind the building.
The envelope is sheltering the offices from aircraft noise and remains more open and transparent towards
the landside and the park.

  • scope of work Commission for Design brief and concept design
  • client Kazaeronavigatsia (Air Navigation Control) Kazakhstan
  • partner Kazaeroprject, Arup Almaty, EPS Elektronik Projekt Service GmbH Stuttgart, GE Planung Munich
  • working period February - October 2008
  • site capacity 4,000sqm / 65m
  • construction costs GBP 10m
  • tags airport, atc & atcc
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