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tari+kikori airport, papua new guinea

Airports as community hub

Masterplan and New Passenger terminals

Travelling in Papua New Guinea requires aircraft as primary source for transportation, although passenger volume is comparably small. Every island of the two hundred must have an airport, with the Passenger terminal becoming an urban centre, post office, local administration – a place for communication.

Circular, airy timber pavilion-like buildings – manufactured in local saw mills were proposed responding to the local climate.
The buildings for Tari and Kikori were considered prototypes for further islands with the application of art work merging traditional construction with contemporary technology.

  • scope of work Commission for airport landside master plan and conceptual terminal design
  • client Spiekermann AG for API Airport Partners for India consortium (Unique Zurich Airport, Siemens, Larson Toubro)
  • partner
  • working period February – September 1998
  • site capacity 200,000 AP (Tari) and 150,000 AP (Kikori); 2,500 (Tari) and 1,250sqm (Kikori)
  • construction costs EURO 2.5m (both terminals)
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