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addis ababa, ethiopia

Design and construction of new ATC Tower

Design and construction of new ATC Tower and ACC for the Ethiopia’s airspace

It was our intention to create a unique structure, an icon for the airport in Addis Ababa. The building implies the idea of a curious giraffe, overlooking the apron from behind the airport buildings. Beside the Airport Control the new ATC Tower also accommodates the National Air Control Centre of Ethiopia.
Henrik Rothe has developed the design concept and supervised the detailed design in collaboration with Spiekermann AG. The construction was completed in 2002.

  • scope of work Design, tendering and site supervision
  • client Fichtner GmbH (lead consultant) /Siemens (general contractor) for Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority
  • partner Spiekermann AG, Germany
  • working period March 1997 – December 2002
  • site capacity 37m tower height
  • construction costs EURO 5m
  • tags airport, atc & atcc
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