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addis ababa, ethiopia

New HQ campus for Ethiopian Airlines

Merging tradition with innovation

The design of the new campus for one of Africa’s most advanced airlines is informed by the fascinating Ethiopian landscape and vernacular architecture with the aim of linking the rural and traditional with the innovative high tech. These two create a building that merges seemingly contradictory worlds into an exciting but balanced architectural and spatial concept in order to generate a welcoming, functional, highly flexible and inspirational working environment.

Key feature of the design is an external ‘Commercial Road’ connecting departments and providing access to communal staff facilities such as canteen, cafes, library and archive.

The building complex of offices, training facilities and commercial programmes is designed to a highly sustainable standard with the aim to achieve a LEED gold/platinum equivalent.

  • scope of work Design for a new HQ campus with conference facilities, invited competition
  • client Ethiopian Airlines
  • partner Ultimate plan Plc, iproplan Planungsgesellschaft mbH Chemnitz, AModels London
  • working period January 2009 – December 2010
  • site capacity Main HQ offices 12,000m2 (phase 1) - 22,000m2 (phase2)
  • construction costs EURO 30m
  • tags airport, airport city, civic, commercial
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