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annaba abah bitat airport, algeria

MP and New Passenger terminal

Masterplan and New Passenger terminal
Rabah Bitat Airport, formerly known as Les Salines Airport, and popularly as El Mellah Airport is an international airport located 9 km south of Annaba, a city in Algeria. It is named after Rabah Bitat, former president of Algeria.
The new passenger terminal is designed as a single level operation building, with a mezzanine floor accommodating viewing platform and catering facilities.
The circular set-down road cuts into the volume of the terminal, creating an inviting feature on the landside towards the airport city. Using the play of light and shadow, the design of the roof with cut-out holes at strategically important spots helps to guide the passengers.
The circular set down road also defines the future airport city forming a vast multifunctional piazza with water surfaces and intensely planted with trees and flowers improving microclimate and comfort for the passengers.
The building structure is particularly designed to restrain earthquakes.

  • scope of work International design competition, commissioned
  • client Fichtner Airports GmbH for Ministry of Transport, Algeria
  • partner ENSID Consulting Algeria and studio FT Berlin (visualisation)
  • working period January - June 2003
  • site capacity 11,000sqm
  • construction costs EURO 25m
  • tags airport, masterplanning, passenger terminals
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