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bratislava, slovakia

New Passenger terminal

Masterplan and New Passenger terminal

Bratislava airport is situated approximately 9klm outside the city centre. It is the main airport servicing Slovakia. The airport was originally opened in 1951 and today services all types of flights and it’s runway allows all types of aircraft to land.

leit-werk provided the master plan and schematic terminal design for the extension of the passenger handling capacity of Bratislava International Airport, from currently 1.5MAP to 8.5MAP. The core element of the project is a new passenger terminal building for 6.5MAP, predominantly serving budget airlines. The building occupies all available areas and in his way shaping the footprint.

  • scope of work Commission (bid for privatisation)
  • client Dorsch Consult Airports GmbH, Germany for TAV Tepe Akfen Investment Construction and Operation Company
  • partner Studio FT for visualisation
  • working period October - November 2005
  • site capacity 8.5 MAP; 20,000 (Terminal 1), 53,500sqm (Terminal 2)
  • construction costs EURO 230m
  • tags airport, masterplanning, passenger terminals
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