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brooks estate, newham, london

Redevelopment of Housing estate

Urban regeneration

An innovative design strategy aims to create a new identity for the Brooks Estate in East London. A larger spatial and programmatic variety and new institutions will breathe new life into the site.

Differentiated building facades adopt playfully the different ownership between lease- and freehold and break the homogeneity of the estate. Providing external amenity space for all residents as well as a better-defined threshold between private and public helps to develop and increase communication between individuals and the community.

  • scope of work International design competition, second stage
  • client Newham Council, London Government’s New Deal for Communities Programme
  • partner WSP Group, London (structural design), Schönaich Landscape Architects, London
  • working period August - November 2003
  • site capacity 7,500 residents
  • construction costs GBP 7.5m
  • tags civic, residential
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