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erbil int’l airport, iraq

VIP terminal at new civil airport

Besides the new main Passenger terminal leit-werk was commissioned to design the new VIP terminal for the new airport.

The simple but elegant building, which is formed by shifted cubes, recessed from the set down road at departure invites ministers and guests of the government from a spacious set down area into a grand reception area.

Arriving guests can be welcomed by official state procedures on airside. The building also accommodates facilities for crew, customs, police and security guards as well as President’s offices and a lush landscaped garden.

A pole with the Kurdish flag penetrates the light roof hold up by slender columns.

  • scope of work Commission for Concept design for new Passenger terminal, separate VIP terminal and flame tower
  • client Ruddle Wilkinson Architects for Scott Wilson
  • partner Richard Chapman
  • working period June – August 2004
  • site capacity 2,400sqm
  • construction costs N/A
  • tags airport, fbo & vip
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