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eurospeedway lausitzring, germany

New Grand stand for formula one race track

New Grand stand, Race control tower and Press centre for Formula-1 certified race track

As the winning team of the preceding competition leit-werk and Spieker¬mann designed and planned in close collaboration between architects and engineers the Formula-1 certified race track near Berlin.

The designed buildings include the Grand stand for 30,000 visitors, the race control tower with the Press Conference Centre (the largest Press Conference Centre worldwide for an automobile sports facility for over 2,000 journalists), the Pit-building, VIP-lounges and the medical centre with heliport.

Architects from leit-werk and structural and civil engineers from Spiekermann have designed and planned the latest recently-inaugurated Formula-1 certified race track in Germany, Eurospeedway Lausitzring near Berlin in Germany. leit-werk designed all buildings including a 30.000 visitors Grand stand, the Race control tower with the Press conference centre, the Pit-building, the VIP-Lounges and the Medical centre including a Heliport.

leit-werk won the competition for the Grand stand and was commissioned to build. The Grand stand embedded into the landscape of a former coal mine is designed to provide unrestricted views onto the entire racetrack. All Grant-stand-seats are covered. The roof above the commentator cabins is lifted up and marks the finish area in front of it. There are over 50 VIP-Lounges in the Grand stand and about 25 on top of the Pit-building opposite the Grand stand.

The Race control tower is a 3-storey cylinder-formed building with angled screens, completely glazed.
The Press conference room provides seats for about 2,000 people and is the largest of its kind for motor sports facilities world-wide.

Further the project includes a Petrol station on the Pit-area, covered by a compass roof made of prefabricated corrugated metal.

  • scope of work Winning Design competition for Grand stand and commissioning RIBA work stages A - K
  • client Spiekermann AG for Foerderverein Lausitz e.V. and Berliner Bank Group
  • partner WIGE Media AG
  • working period October 1994 – July 1997
  • site capacity 120,000 visitors, 32,000 on Grand stand
  • construction costs EURO 140m
  • tags commercial
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