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gaza international, palestine

New Cargo terminal

leit-werk was commissioned by the European Union to revise an existing Masterplan and Concept design for the new Cargo terminal for Gaza Int’l Airport. The dimensions of the terminal building and truck parking have been optimised to create uninterrupted air and landside docking areas to increase overall capacity. All office and secondary facilities except the reception have been organised on the upper floor, thereby achieving maximum security for the cargo hall.

A generous canopy towards air- and landside provides the terminal with a representative and inviting facade and protects the loading and unloading zone from heat and rain.

The design was taking into account the specific quality of goods to be handled at the airport and a well-balanced provision of low- and high-tech installation and equipment.

The terminal is extendable for future capacity growth of the airport.

  • scope of work Commission for Revision of Masterplan and Concept design, Detail design up to tender for construction
  • client TYPSA Consulting Engineer S.A. for European Union
  • partner Transport & Logistics, London; iproplan Planungsgesellschaft mbH Chemnitz
  • working period June 2004 - June 2005
  • site capacity 90,000 t/annum (stage 1) and 130,000t/annum (stage 2)
  • construction costs N/A
  • tags airport, hangars and cargo, masterplanning
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