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frankfurt egelsbach, germany

New European HQ for Honda Jet

Rheinland Air Services in cooperation with Signature London is going to extend its business in the Frankfurt and Munich region. The new building unifying hangar and showroom facilities for Honda Aircraft at Frankfurt Egelsbach is becoming its first of three bases in Europe.

The innovative structural concept explores the pentagon-like plot for the new hangar as an iconographic building. The geometry of the roof structure is defined by the rotation and subdivision of the building perimeter lines analogue to pursue curves. A reciprocal grillage of simple supported beams with decreasing member sizes and spans towards the centre of the building is forming the primary structure.

  • scope of work Commission for new FBO facility
  • client Rheinland Air Sercice GmbH
  • partner Arup AGU London, GE Planung Munich, Boersing Brandschutz
  • working period October 2007, ongoing
  • site capacity 2,600sqm
  • construction costs N/A
  • tags airport, fbo & vip, hangars and cargo
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