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africa road, khartoum, sudan

An economic research study

Spatial, social and economic investigation into local micro economy

Understanding the dynamics of the urbanism in Khartoum, identifying potential anchors for future economic development triggered by the establishment of the Khartoum New Int’l Airport leit-werk investigated into the oscillating formal and informal activities around Africa Road in Khartoum, one of the busiest arteries in the city, supporting its commission for the support to the Khartoum Sub regional plan for the Omdurman region.

The straight line cut through the city connects the urban centre on the Blue Nile in the north to the endless sprawl of one and two level housing blending into the rural in the south.

The physical, spatial and economic relationships between residents and transient communities provided grounds to explore dynamics behind formal buildings and associated activities such as multi-level residential buildings, mosques and diplomatic buildings with informal exchange places at bus stops, workshops and emerging street cafes and restaurants.

The research revealed the structure of the built fabric and its use by different communities over different times of the day and year, its relationship to its urban rural population as well as to the fertile land along the River Nile.

  • scope of work Investigation into formal and informal economies supporting the Khartoum Sub regional plan
  • client Self initiated by leit-werk
  • partner Specialist Operations
  • working period October 2007 - July 2008
  • site capacity Africa Road, Khartoum (8km)
  • construction costs N/A
  • tags civic, research
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