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khartoum new int’l airport, sudan

Airport City KNIA C1

New Airport city

As part of the development of the Khartoum New International Airport (KNIA) we developed a new building typology accommodating a 4-star hotel for eight hundred guests, a business and visitor centre and a shopping mall within several connected volumes hovering above an open public space. The building provides facilities for events, meetings and exhibitions enhancing communication.

In respect to the particular local climate, the building provides a shaded piazza as an informal gathering area for flight passengers, users of the facilities and other guests of the airport.

  • scope of work Design concept, detail design, tender documentation (RIBA C - F)
  • client Dorsch International Consultants GmbH for the Republic of the Sudan
  • partner WSP Group, London (structural design), Schönaich Landscape Architects, London
  • working period January 2004 – December 2006
  • site capacity 73,050 sqm floor area
  • construction costs EURO 87m
  • tags airport, airport city, commercial
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