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khartoum new int’l airport, sudan

New Greenfield airport

New Greenfield airport – Site selection and Masterplan

leit-werk is supporting the international team of consultants in the conceptual design for new Greenfield airport in Khartoum, Sudan since 2003. The capacity of the design year 2013 is 4 MAP. Within the framework of the master plan the capacity shall be increased to 8 MAP in 2033.

After selecting the most beneficial out of three proposed sites for the new airport, leit-werk supported Dorsch International Consultants in developing the urban masterplan and the concept design for the Passenger terminal, the ATC tower and further key airport buildings.

The master plan separates characteristic activities in two distinct areas: the PaxCity and the CargoCity. By imposing a formal band structure a coherency between buildings and landscape elements is formally achieved. The KNIA park forms the heart of the airport landscape as an intensely planted area connecting the terminal area with the PaxCity and the airport mosque. A 18m tall sculpture with silhouettes of Sudanese people is focus to passengers approaching the terminal and contributes to the identity of the airport.

leit-werk was commissioned to produce a to produce a video animation of the masterplan visualising the proposed new airport layout and the Passenger terminal for client presentations.

leit-werk supported the lead airport planner in the regional development plan. the Khartoum Structure Plan utilising the airport as trigger for new regional development. A nursery with over 1m trees and great variety of bushes and flowers stipulates the micro economy.

The Khartoum Structure Plan has outgrown the boundaries of the state of Khartoum becoming the first coordinated interstate planning project (ISPP) in Sudan including the White Nile State and North Kordofan.

As part of the research into contemporary forms of life in Khartoum leit-werk investigated formal and informal spatial and social relationships around the African Road as an economic model.

  • scope of work Commission to support lead airport consultant for site selection, supporting landside urban masterplan and airport concept development
  • client Dorsch International Consultants GmbH for the Republic of the Sudan
  • partner Architectural Association, London (Green Nile Sub regional plan), Schönaich Landscape Architects, London, Andrew Ingham and Associates Ltd
  • working period December 2003 - ongoing
  • site capacity 8.0 MAP in 2033
  • construction costs USD 600m (phase 1)
  • tags airport, civic, masterplanning
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