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lublin, poland

Development of new civil airport

Extension of existing airport

Lublin Airport is an airport in Poland serving Lublin and the surrounding region. The site is located 10 km east of downtown Lublin, adjacent to the town of Świdnik. The airport has a 2,520m runway.

leit-werk was invited by airport consulting partners and ILF Poland to join their team for the extension of the airport and the terminal facilities handling 4 Boeing 737-800 class aircraft simultaneously.

The extensive woodlands around Lublin and its vivid play of light and shadow inspired the design concept of the terminal building. The columns refer to tree stems and the suspended ceiling allows daylight and artificial light as reminiscence to walking under treetops in the sun.

The terminal building opens up to both airside and landside supporting passenger orientation. An open piazza defines the landside activating the airport as a hub for airport related and other commercial and non-commercial events. Large character figures forming the name Lublin serve people as kiosks, info-boxes and spaces to chill.

The terminal is positioned to be extended and later connected to a train link to Lublin and the national rail network in Poland.
Our team won a honourable mention by the Jury for the outstanding quality of the design.

  • scope of workInternational design competition, honourable mention
  • client airport consulting partners GmbH Stuttgart, Germany and ILF Consulting Engineers Polska Sp. z o. o. for Lublin Airport Company
  • partner Richard Chapman, interpretations for visualisation
  • working periodMay – August 2008
  • site capacity1.5 MAP; Passenger terminal 13,600sqm
  • construction costsN/A
  • tags airport, airport city, civic, masterplanning, passenger terminals
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