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leipzig, germany

porschescape - Urban vision for Porsche

Masterplan for infotainment park

The concept is based on the creation of a unique and artificial adventure world contrasting the wide and flat surrounding landscape. The spatial concept would emphasize the identity of the Porsche brand and give East Germany the possibility to experience the car manufacturers’ image. The facility consists of three elements: the professional -, the customer – and the off road test track. The technical elements of the tracks would be integrated suitably into the landscape whereby creating an additional cultural layer, turning the experience into an even greater adventure.

  • scope of workCommission, work stages A-C
  • client Spiekermann AG for Porsche Leipzig GmbH
  • partner Studio FT for visualisation
  • working periodJanuary – July 1999
  • site capacity
  • construction costsEURO 40m
  • tags commercial
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