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pulkovo saint petersburg, russia

Airport Privatisation

Bid management for privatization of Pulkovo Airport, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Pulkovo Airport is an international airport serving Saint Petersburg. It’s terminal 1 is serving mostly domestic and terminal 2 international flights. The airport serves as a hub for Rossiya Airlines and as focus city for Nordavia. In 2012 roughly 11.2 million passengers travelled through Pulkovo airport, making it the 3rd busiest airport in Russia.
The airport is arguably the most important strategic infrastructure project in the region of St Petersburg and is likely to play a pivotal role in helping to shape the social, cultural and economic environment of the region. Alongside its partners partners leit-werk focused on the CAPEX and development of the construction program.

Strategic airport master plan
The strategic development of Pulkovo Airport is planned in two main phases.
Phase 1: construction of all development in accordance with the reference design and plans Phase 2: meeting forecast demand, therefore demand driven.
The main driver for the development of Pulkovo Airport in compliance with the reference master plan is the provision of aircraft stands and critically contact stands, their designation, their code and their location.

Terminal planning
By focusing on achieving operational performance, leit-werk’s proposed amendments to the terminal reference design by Grimshaw Architects comprises ground level for baggage handling, re-claim and bussing, intermediate level at +6m above apron for international arrivals and domestic departures and arrivals, and an upper level of +10m above apron for check-in, security, airside concourse/retail and international departures.
In keeping with current international tendencies, the airport is intended as destination in its own right transforming aesthetically driven infrastructure into new commercial and entertainment centers, which address both the needs of airports as well as the desire of passengers and visitors to experience a more contemporary entertaining environment.

  • scope of workTechnical advisor for Petroport Concessions
  • client Petroport Concessions (Vienna International Airport, Leader Asset Management, Gazprom Bank)
  • partner BNP Paribas, Vegas Lex, WSP Group UK, Avia Solutions
  • working periodOctober 2008 - May 2009
  • site capacityUpgrade of existing airport from 14 MAP to 17 MAP in 2013 and 35 MAP in 2039, 173,735sqm Passenger terminal
  • construction costs2.5 billion USD
  • tags airport, consulting, masterplanning, passenger terminals
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