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Airport MP and New Passenger terminal

Airport Masterplan and New Passenger terminal

A significant aspect of the terminal is its low cost. This will be achieved by a low external wall-to-floor ratio – i.e., a compact top-lit deep plan – and by reducing the volume of the space rapidly by sweeping the roof down from where height is needed in the large halls. There will be no wasted voids and only a few false ceilings,. In the detailed design, every component and surface is tested for quality against use – if the public can see it or touch it, the quality is raised, otherwise standard industrial components are the rule.
The structural frame of the building is to be formed of steel, supported by the above mentioned 9.00 m x 15.00 m grid of columns and reinforced by only a few massive elements. The roof beams, made of segments, can be assembled on site. They comply with the usual maximum transport length of 25.60m. The roof construction as well as the technical equipment inside should be visible.
All massive external facades, in particular the apron orientated facade, will be cladded with domestic natural stone to represent local tradition.

  • scope of work Commission for master plan and passenger terminal tender
  • client Spiekermann AG for Siemens AG Industrial and Building Systems
  • partner SETE Contractors, Geneva, Switzerland and SWISSAIR represented by SWISSPORT International AG, Zurich
  • working period April 1992 to April 1993 (Masterplan) September 1994 – September 1995 (Passenger terminal Detail design)
  • site capacity 10,000sqm, 1.5 MAP
  • construction costs USD 40m
  • tags airport, passenger terminals
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