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manama, bahrain int’l airport

New ATC tower 'Desert knight'

The design of the tower integrates all offices, vertical circulation and tower cabin in one free standing, independent building. Avoidance of any attached office block strengthens the tower and its quality as an icon and landmark as an architectural statement for Bahrain.

The vertical circulation space is enveloped by a semitransparent textile membrane, which operates as a sun reflector and generates a unique image at night. As a freestanding, independent building, all functions of the ATC control are accommodated within the base and the cabin and the tower becomes a strong icon and landmark.

  • scope of work Invited design competition, short listed for final stage
  • client Spiekermann AG for Ministry of Transportation, State of Bahrain
  • partner BFG International, Bahrain
  • working period December 2000 - January 2001
  • site capacity 47m
  • construction costs BHD 1.9m
  • tags airport, atc & atcc
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