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nauwerckstraße, chemnitz, germany

Redevelopment Multi family home

Redevelopment of residential building

An existing deteriorated building has been transformed into a new living space for seven families. The complex, consisting of three buildings were completely emptied and redeveloped in large, open plan flats with communal facilities in the basement. The vast roof has been transformed into a spacious mezzanine flat with an integrated workspace.

The architects have operated as developers, designing, tendering to contractors and partly actively participated in the reconstruction.

  • scope of work Complete re-development of existing residential building (RIBA C - L)
  • client IG Reko GbR
  • partner
  • working period January 1991 – July 1995
  • site capacity 790 sqm floor area
  • construction costs EURO 1.2m
  • tags residential
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