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neuss, germany

Neussity - Inner city railway land development

Master plan and building design for inner city re-development, Competition entry

Required was a strong guiding idea to transform the site of a previous train depot and its surrounding area into a residential development.

The idea of the “Garden of the 21st Century” inspired us to transform of an abandoned piece of railway land into a folded, continuous, topographically layered landscape, with interwoven housing elements. Outside and inside areas for communal play and exercise are integrated into the development. High quality exterior spaces improve the ecological and climatic conditions and add value to the surrounding city districts.

The project was one of the most radical proposals within the competition and caused vivid discussions amongst the jury panel.

  • scope of workDesign competition for master plan and design of residential buildings
  • client City of Neuss, Germany
  • partner Landscape architects CLUB 94; Jankowski Architects, Cologne
  • working periodMay - September 2003
  • site capacity45 ha
  • construction costsN/A
  • tags residential
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